Migration: laminas-mvc v2 to laminas-mvc-i18n

laminas-mvc-i18n ports all i18n integration functionality from the laminas-mvc v2 release to a single component. As such, a number of classes were renamed that could potentially impact end-users.


Laminas\Mvc\Router\Http\TranslatorAwareTreeRouteStack was renamed to Laminas\Mvc\I18n\Router\TranslatorAwareTreeRouteStack. It functions exactly as the original, however, including accepting the same configuration.


Laminas\Mvc\Service\TranslatorServiceFactory was renamed to Laminas\Mvc\I18n\TranslatorFactory. Behavior remains the same.

Exceptions thrown by the MVC translator

In v2 releases, Laminas\Mvc\I18n\Translator would throw exceptions from the Laminas\Mvc\Exception namespace. It now throws exceptions from the new Laminas\Mvc\I18n\Exception namespace.