Documentation of MVC
MVC for Enterprise Applications


Laminas' event-driven MVC layer, including MVC Applications, Controllers, and Plugins.

Module Manager

Modular application system for laminas-mvc applications.

Controller Plugins

MVC fileprg() plugin

Post/Redirect/Get plugin with file upload handling for laminas-mvc controllers.

MVC flashmessenger() plugin

Plugin for creating and exposing flash messages via laminas-mvc controllers.

MVC identity() plugin

Plugin for retrieving the current authenticated identity within laminas-mvc controllers.

MVC prg() plugin

Post/Redirect/Get plugin for laminas-mvc controllers.



Dispatch middleware pipelines in place of controllers in laminas-mvc.

MVC-i18n integration

Integration between laminas-mvc and laminas-i18n.

PSR-7 Bridge

PSR-7 <-> laminas-http message conversions.

MVC-Console integration

[DEPRECATED] Integration between laminas-mvc and laminas-console.


MVC Testing

Tools to facilitate unit testing of laminas-mvc applications.