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Upload Progress


The FormFileUploadProgress view helper can be used to render an <input type="hidden" ...> containing the upload progress token, and which can be used by the PECL uploadprogress extension. Unlike other laminas-form view helpers, the FormFileUploadProgress helper does not accept an Element as a parameter.

An id attribute with a value of progress_key will automatically be added.

Render early

The view helper must be rendered before the file input in the form, or upload progress will not work correctly.

This element should be used with the Laminas\ProgressBar\Upload\UploadProgress handler.

See the PECL uploadprogress extension for more information.

Basic usage

// Within your view...

echo $this->formFileSessionProgress();
// Result <input type="hidden" id="progress_key" name="UPLOAD_IDENTIFIER" value="12345abcde">