Version 2 to Version 3

laminas-mvc-console ports all console functionality from laminas-mvc and laminas-view v2 releases to a single component. As such, a number of classes were renamed that may impact end-users.

laminas-mvc Functionality


Laminas\Mvc\Controller\AbstractConsoleController becomes Laminas\Mvc\Console\Controller\AbstractConsoleController. Otherwise, all functionality remains the same.

Update your code to import the AbstractConsoleController under its new namespace.


The namespace Laminas\Mvc\Router\Console becomes Laminas\Mvc\Console\Router. All classes retain existing functionality. If you were using default routes (Simple) or using the short names to refer to console routes, no changes will be necessary. Otherwise, update your code to refer to the new namespace.


Laminas\Mvc\ResponseSender\ConsoleResponseSender becomes Laminas\Mvc\Console\ResponseSender\ConsoleResponseSender. As this is an implementation detail, it should have no impact on the end-user.


The Laminas\Mvc\View\Console namespace becomes Laminas\Mvc\Console\View, but all existing listeners retain their names and functionality. As these were all managed by the console-specific ViewManager, this change should have no impact on the end-user unless:

  • any of these classes were being extended
  • any custom factories were being used to provide the services (specifically the ConsoleRouteNotFoundStrategy, ConsoleExceptionStrategy, and ConsoleDefaultRenderingStrategy).

In such cases, you will need to update your code to reference the new namespace.

laminas-view Functionality


laminas-view provided a Laminas\View\Model\ConsoleModel class. This is now Laminas\Mvc\Console\View\ViewModel. If you were returning ConsoleModel previously, update your code to return the new version.


laminas-view provided a Laminas\View\Renderer\ConsoleRenderer class. This is now Laminas\Mvc\Console\View\Renderer. Additionally, the console-specific DefaultRenderingStrategy now consumes the renderer (it did not in version 2).

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