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Lazy Listeners

Lazy Listeners

Lazy listeners are a new feature in version 3.0, provided to reduce the performance overhead of fetching listeners and/or aggregates from a Dependency Injection Container until they are actually triggered.

The feature consists of three classes:

  • Laminas\EventManager\LazyListener, which provides basic capabilities for wrapping the retrieval of a listener from a container and invoking it.
  • Laminas\EventManager\LazyEventListener, which extends LazyListener but adds awareness of the event and optionally priority to use when attaching the listener. These are primarily used and created by:
  • Laminas\EventManager\LazyListenerAggregate, which can take a list of LazyEventListeners and/or their definitions, and be used as an aggregate listener for attaching the lazy listeners to an event manager.


In order to use the lazy listeners feature, you will need to install PSR-11 Container, if you haven't already:

$ composer require psr/container