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Migration to Version 3


The following features were changed in version 3.

PSR-7 v2 support

This version adds support for PSR-7 version 2.

Diactoros 2.25.0 added support for PSR-7 version 1.1, and at that time, already had return type declarations that would mostly fulfill PSR-7 version 2. However, there were two locations in PSR-7 where void returns were added:

  • StreamInterface::seek()
  • UploadedFileInterface::moveTo()

Since absence of a return type declaration implies mixed in PHP, switching to void is always considered a BC break, as it reduces the allowed behavior. As such, any consumers extending our Stream or UploadedFile classes and overriding either of these methods would experience a BC breaking change due to types.

For consumers, usage should be completely backwards compatible, however.


The factory Laminas\Diactoros\ServerRequestFactory::fromGlobals() was modified such that passing empty array values for arguments that accept null or an array now will not use the associated superglobal in that scenario. Previously, an empty array value was treated as identical to null, and would cause the factory to fallback to superglobals; now, this is a way to provide an empty set for the associated value(s).


The function Laminas\Diactoros\marshalHeadersFromSapi(), which is consumed by Laminas\Diactoros\ServerRequestFactory::fromGlobals(), was modified such that it will now filter out header field names that evaluate to integers. Please see the Security Features document for more details.


The following features were removed for version 3.

GdImage support in Stream

Laminas\Diactoros\Stream "supported" usage of resources created via the GD extension. However, this support was unstable, and largely did not work. With the update in PHP 8.0 to usage of opaque resource types for all GD resources, it did not work at all. As such, we have removed the feature entirely.

If you need to stream an image, the recommendation is to use the functionality in the GD extension to write the image to a temporary file (e.g., php://temp), and then to pass that to Laminas\Diactoros\Stream.

marshalUriFromSapi function

The Laminas\Diactoros\marshalUriFromSapi() function was deprecated starting in version 2.11.0, and now removed. The functionality that was present in it was moved to Laminas\Diactoros\UriFactory::createFromSapi(). If you were using the function previously, use this static method instead.


The class Laminas\Diactoros\PhpInputStream was originally developed prior to PHP 5.6, when php://input was read-once. As such, we needed to handle it specially to ensure it could be read multiple times.

Since 5.6 and onwards, the stream is seekable and can be re-used.

With version 3, we have removed it, and modified our ServerRequest such that it now uses a read-only Stream referencing php://input as its stream resource. If you were using the class directly, you can instead use new Laminas\Diactoros\Stream('php://input', 'r') to achieve the same result.