Migrating from v2 to v3

Version 3 is the first significant departure in the laminas-json API. In particular, it features the removal of two features to new packages.


The Laminas\Json\Server subcomponent was extracted to a new component, laminas-json-server. Install it using:

$ composer install laminas/laminas-json-server

All classes and functionality remain the same as in previous versions of laminas-json.

XML to JSON support

v2 releases of laminas-json provided Laminas\Json\Json::fromXml(), which could be used to convert an XML document to JSON. This functionality has been extracted to a new component, laminas-xml2json. Install it using:

$ composer install laminas/laminas-xml2json

In order to use the functionality, you will need to modify your calls from Laminas\Json\Json::fromXml() to instead use Laminas\Xml2Json\Xml2Json::fromXml().

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