View Helpers

View Helpers

laminas-form comes with an initial set of laminas-view helper classes for tasks such as rendering forms, rendering a text input, rendering a selection box, etc.

See the view helpers documentation for more information.

IDE auto-completion in templates

The Laminas\Form\View\HelperTrait trait can be used to provide auto-completion for modern IDEs. It defines the aliases of the view helpers in a DocBlock as @method tags.


In order to allow auto-completion in templates, $this variable should be type-hinted via a DocBlock at the top of your template. It is recommended that you always add the Laminas\View\Renderer\PhpRenderer as the first type, so that the IDE can auto-suggest the default view helpers from laminas-view. Next, chain the HelperTrait from laminas-form with a pipe symbol (a.k.a. vertical bar) |:

 * @var Laminas\View\Renderer\PhpRenderer|Laminas\Form\View\HelperTrait $this

You may chain as many HelperTrait traits as you like, depending on view helpers from which Laminas component you are using and would like to provide auto-completion for.