Database Table Authentication

The adapters under the Laminas\Authentication\Adapter\DbTable provide the ability to authenticate against credentials stored in a database table, with two approaches possible:

  • usage of a credential treatment function on the RDBMS server with the provided credentials.
  • execution of a PHP callback on the identity returned by the RDBMS server.

Because each adapter requires an instance of Laminas\Db\Adapter\Adapter to be passed to its constructor, each instance is bound to a particular database connection. Other configuration options may be set through the constructor and through instance methods, one for each option.

Laminas\Authentication\Adapter\DbTable class is deprecated

The concrete adapter Laminas\Authentication\Adapter\DbTable has been deprecated since 2.2.0, and its responsibilities have been split into two, Laminas\Authentication\Adapter\DbTable\CallbackCheck and Laminas\Authentication\Adapter\DbTable\CredentialTreatmentAdapter.

If you were using Laminas\Authentication\Adapter\DbTable previously, you can replace its usage with Laminas\Authentication\Adapter\DbTable\CredentialTreatmentAdapter, as the APIs are the same; DbTable extends CredentialTreatmentAdapter at this time.