Step Validator

Laminas\Validator\Step allows you to validate if a given value is a valid step value. This validator requires the value to be a numeric value (either string, int or float).

Supported options

The following options are supported for Laminas\Validator\Step:

  • baseValue: This is the base value from which the step should be computed. This option defaults to 0
  • step: This is the step value. This option defaults to 1

Basic usage

$validator = new Laminas\Validator\Step();

if ($validator->isValid(1)) {
    // value is a valid step value
} else {
    // false

Using floating-point values

The Step validator also supports floating-point base and step values:

$validator = new Laminas\Validator\Step([
    'baseValue' => 1.1,
    'step'      => 2.2,

echo $validator->isValid(1.1); // prints true
echo $validator->isValid(3.3); // prints true
echo $validator->isValid(3.35); // prints false
echo $validator->isValid(2.2); // prints false