File Validators


Laminas\Validator\File\Sha1 allows you to validate if a given file's hashed contents matches the supplied sha1 hash(es). It is subclassed from the Hash validator to provide a validator that only supports the sha1 algorithm.

Requires the hash extension

This validator requires the PHP Hash extension with the sha1 algorithm.

Supported Options

The following set of options are supported:

  • hash: String hash or array of hashes against which to validate.

Basic Usage

use Laminas\Validator\File\Sha1;

// Does file have the given hash?
$validator = new Sha1('3b3652f336522365223');

// Or check file against multiple hashes:
$validator = new Sha1([

// Or using options notation:
$validator = new Sha1(['hash' => [

// Perform validation with file path
if ($validator->isValid('./myfile.txt')) {
    // file is valid

Public Methods


getSha1() : array

Returns an array of sha1 hashes against which to validate.


addSha1(string|array $options) : void

Add one or more hashes to validate against.


setSha1(string|array $options) : void

Overwrite any previously set hashes with those specified.