File Validators


Laminas\Validator\File\Hash allows you to validate if a given file's hashed contents matches the supplied hash(es) and algorithm(s).

Requires the hash extension

This validator requires the PHP Hash extension. A list of supported hash algorithms can be found with the hash_algos() function.

Supported Options

The following set of options are supported:

  • hash: String hash or array of hashes against which to test.
  • algorithm: String hashing algorithm to use; defaults to crc32

Basic Usage

use Laminas\Validator\File\Hash;

// Does file have the given hash?
$validator = new Hash('3b3652f', 'crc32');

// Or, check file against multiple hashes
$validator = new Hash(['3b3652f', 'e612b69'], 'crc32');

// Or use options notation:
$validator = new Hash([
    'hash' => ['3b3652f', 'e612b69'],
    'algorithm' => 'crc32',

// Perform validation with file path
if ($validator->isValid('./myfile.txt')) {
   // file is valid

Public Methods


getHash() : array

Returns an array containing the set of hashes against which to validate.


addHash(string|array $options) : void

Add one or more hashes against which to validate.


setHash(string|array $options) : void

Overwrite the current set of hashes with those provided to the method.