File Validators


Laminas\Validator\File\Exists checks for the existence of files in specified directories.

This validator is inversely related to the NotExists validator.

Supported Options

The following set of options are supported:

  • directory: Array of directories, or comma-delimited string of directories.

Usage Examples

use Laminas\Validator\File\Exists;

// Only allow files that exist in ~both~ directories
$validator = new Exists('/tmp,/var/tmp');

// ...or with array notation
$validator = new Exists(['/tmp', '/var/tmp']);

// Perform validation
if ($validator->isValid('/tmp/myfile.txt')) {
    // file is valid

Checks against all directories

This validator checks whether the specified file exists in all of the given directories; validation will fail if the file does not exist in one or more of them.