CSRF Validator

Laminas\Validator\Csrf provides the ability to both generate and validate CSRF tokens. This allows you to validate if a form submission originated from the same site, by confirming the value of the CSRF field in the submitted form is the same as the one contained in the original form.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is a security vector in which an unauthorized request is accepted by a server on behalf of another user; it is essentially an exploit of the trust a site places on a user's browser.

The typical mitigation is to create a one-time token that is transmitted as part of the original form, and which must then be transmitted back by the client. This token expires after first submission or after a short amount of time, preventing replays or further submissions. If the token provided does not match what was originally sent, an error should be returned.

Supported Options

The following options are supported for Laminas\Validator\Csrf.

Option Description Optional/Mandatory
name The name of the CSRF element Optional
salt The salt for the CSRF token Optional
session The name of the session element containing the CSRF element Mandatory
timeout The TTL for the CSRF token Optional

Basic Usage

Here is a basic example.

// Initialise a new session container
// or use the existing one in your application
$session = new Laminas\Session\Container();

// Create the validator
$validator = new Laminas\Validator\Csrf([
    'session' => $session,
$hash = $validator->getHash();

// ...Render the hash in the form.

// Validate the hash after form submission.
echo ($validator->isValid($hash))
    ? "Token is valid"
    : "Token is NOT valid";