Between Validator

Laminas\Validator\Between allows you to validate if a given value is between two other values.

Only supports number validation

Laminas\Validator\Between supports only the validation of numbers. Strings or dates can not be validated with this validator.

Supported options

The following options are supported for Laminas\Validator\Between:

  • inclusive: Defines if the validation is inclusive of the minimum and maximum border values, or exclusive. It defaults to true.
  • max: Sets the maximum border for the validation.
  • min: Sets the minimum border for the validation.

Default behaviour

Per default, this validator checks if a value is between min and max where both border values are allowed as value.

$valid  = new Laminas\Validator\Between(['min' => 0, 'max' => 10]);
$value  = 10;
$result = $valid->isValid($value);
// returns true

In the above example, the result is true due to the reason that the default search is inclusive of the border values. This means in our case that any value from '0' to '10' is allowed; values like '-1' and '11' will return false.

Excluding border values

Sometimes it is useful to validate a value by excluding the border values. See the following example:

$valid  = new Laminas\Validator\Between([
    'min' => 0,
    'max' => 10,
    'inclusive' => false,
$value  = 10;
$result = $valid->isValid($value);
// returns false

The example above is almost identical to our first example, but we now exclue the border values; as such, the values '0' and '10' are no longer allowed and will return false.