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Composer plugin for providing and prompting for optional components in skeleton projects.


$ composer require laminas/laminas-skeleton-installer

Optional Packages

To define an optional package, you will add an object under a extra.laminas-skeleton-installer array in your composer.json. The object must contain the following properties:

  • name: the name of the package to install
  • constraint: the package constraint to use
  • prompt: a textual prompt (e.g., "Do you want to install console tooling?"

You may also define two boolean flags:

  • module: when true, indicates that the component represents a Laminas module. This flag will not dictate whether or not the component installer prompts to install the package as a module, but will affect hints provided by Composer during installation.
  • dev: when true, indicates the package should be installed as a development requirement (require-dev). Additionally, the installer will prompt you to choose a development configuration file in which to install the component if it is a module.


  "name": "laminas/laminas-skeleton-application",
  "type": "project",
  "require": {
    "php": "^5.6 || ^7.0",
    "laminas/laminas-component-installer": "^1.0 || ^0.7 || ^1.0.0-dev@dev",
    "laminas/laminas-skeleton-installer": "^1.0 || ^0.1.3 || ^1.0.0-dev@dev",
    "laminas/laminas-mvc": "^3.0.4"
  "extra": {
    "laminas-skeleton-installer": [
        "name": "laminas/laminas-mvc-console",
        "constraint": "^1.1.11",
        "prompt": "Would you like to install MVC console tooling?",
        "module": true
        "name": "laminas/laminas-mvc-i18n",
        "constraint": "^1.0",
        "prompt": "Would you like to install i18n support?",
        "module": true
        "name": "laminas/laminas-test",
        "constraint": "^3.0.2",
        "prompt": "Would you like to install MVC testing support?",
        "dev": true

The above will:

  • Prompt if you want to do a minimal install; if so, the plugin will remove the extra.laminas-skeleton-installer section on completion, and then delete itself from the installation.
  • Prompt for each of the listed components, as noted, awaiting a y/n answer (with "n" as the default).
  • Install the selections, updating the composer.json.
  • Remove itself from the installation on completion.


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