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Writing Filters

Laminas\Filter supplies a set of commonly needed filters, but developers will often need to write custom filters for their particular use cases. You can do so by writing classes that implement Laminas\Filter\FilterInterface, which defines a single method, filter().


namespace Application\Filter;

use Laminas\Filter\FilterInterface;

class MyFilter implements FilterInterface
    public function filter($value)
        // perform some transformation upon $value to arrive on $valueFiltered

        return $valueFiltered;

To attach an instance of the filter defined above to a filter chain:

$filterChain = new Laminas\Filter\FilterChain();
$filterChain->attach(new Application\Filter\MyFilter());

Alternately, add it to the FilterPluginManager:

$filterChain = new Laminas\Filter\FilterChain();
    ->setInvokableClass('myfilter', Application\Filter\MyFilter::class)